One of the great ways to treat yourself over the weekend is to head to the parlor. With the numerous beauty salons popping out, Tokyo Glam is a beauty salon that provides high-quality treatments and a luxurious atmosphere. It is a one-stop Japanese beauty salon offering premium eyelash and nail services that most people will love.

They’re located in Bonifacio Global City and Ayala Malls Bay, known for being up-and-coming areas with plenty of shopping options and cool restaurants. Its location is at the best spot when you’re out and about to relax.

 Tokyo Glam specializes in giving eyelashes a fascinating transformative look and quality-rich nail treatments. They also have other beauty services to help you destress, such as facial services, brow treatments, foot spas, and hair removals. 

Interestingly, Tokyo Glam is unparalleled among the other beauty salons. Here are the reasons why you should treat yourself and splurge on beauty and wellness treatments  of Tokyo Glam on your next relaxation day:

Tokyo Glam conducts counseling.

Upon entering the salon, the receptionist will welcome and orient you on the beauty services they offer. A technician will hand you some forms to fill up for your counseling.

Tokyo Glam
Image from Tokyo Glam’s Instagram Account

You will know that you’re in a legit Japanese beauty salon when technicians give you counseling. They will assess your natural lashes, food allergies, lifestyle, and habits. Plus, they will discuss with you the lash techniques and designs they offer. They will also let you know the materials to use and basic procedures.

Counseling is important to fully understand the things they should know about the treatments they desire to get and establish the trust and confidence of the customers with the technicians.

Tokyo Glam offers simultaneous beauty treatment, making the most of your relaxation day. 

If you’re planning to give yourself an overall beauty indulgence, Tokyo Glam got you. Another great thing about them is they offer simultaneous treatments while you’re lying on their beauty bed.

You can get your eyelash extensions while getting your nails done. How relaxing isn’t it? It is a great way to make the most of your relaxation day. 

The premium eyelashes are carefully applied individually but the whole process is therapeutic and hygienic.

Believe it or not, even if they’re doing your treatments simultaneously, you can fall asleep because the way they do the services is therapeutic. No wonder why most celebrities choose Tokyo Glam for their pamper session.

Image from Tokyo Glam’s Instagram Account
Image from Tokyo Glam’s Account

Tokyo Glam is the pride of its technicians. They are well-trained by the Japanese on how to appropriately execute the processes that will give fascinating results and, at the same time, provide the utmost comfort to the customers. 

The high-quality lightweight eyelashes are carefully applied individually, but the whole process only takes about one to two hours. What’s more, you can observe that technicians are keen to maintain salon hygiene procedures, giving you confidence that you’re in good hands.

After having a nap or deep sleep, you will wake up and see yourself in the mirror with a divinely stunning look. The eyelashes look very natural, but they will be much longer than your original ones.

The eyelash technician will also ask you if you’re comfortable with your new lashes and satisfied with the results.

Nail technicians can definitely nail your dream nail design.

From minimalist to maximalist nail ideas, name it, Tokyo Glam’s nail technicians can handle it. I suggest you try their Japanese Gel Nail. It goes beyond achieving a stunning glamorous nail look.

Japanese Gel Nail lasts longer than regular nail polishes. Plus, since it’s a Japanese nail salon, nail polishes are made from organic ingredients, guaranteeing safe and quality-rich finishes. If you have your dream nail designs, don’t hesitate to show your custom designs to the technicians.

You can also get your nails done with free foot massages for pedicures. Nail art is a very popular form of beauty in Japan, and it’s no wonder why: the designs are cute and stylish. There are many different types of nail art available at Tokyo Glam—from glittery patterns and chrome effects to 3D embellishments, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a full set painted on top of your existing nails!

Since I am into a minimalist nail design, I chose the beautiful art with stones for my ring finger. Tokyo Glam’s nail cleaning is soothing and perfect for destressing. 

The interior is posh and luxurious.

As you walk through the salon, you can experience the highest level of luxury in Tokyo’s glamour district.

The entire space has been specially designed to give customers a wonderful impression of what Tokyo Glam can truly offer when it comes to beauty indulgence

With the interiors and ambiance, they ensure their customers that their beauty treatments are splurge-worthy when they choose leisure during their day off.

Its social media contents are informative

Since there are various beauty salons around us, it’s difficult to choose which one is for you. In today’s information age, looking at a business’s social media accounts is vital to know more about them.

When looking at Tokyo Glam’s Instagram account, you will not only see their updates and promotions but also learn and be amazed at how they’ve done their services to exceed their customers’ satisfaction. Contents are on trend and creative. Kudos to their brand and marketing team! You can also see the celebrities who patronize their beauty services in their feed.

They offer a range of beauty and wellness treatments in a luxurious environment.

Tokyo Glam is a Japanese eyelash and nail salon that offers a range of treatments in a luxurious environment. As mentioned earlier, it’s a one-stop beauty salon wherein you can get almost all treatments for beauty and wellness needs.

Tokyo Glam was founded by Michelle Takijima. She was inspired by her luxurious beauty and wellness experience in Japan―which made her feel great and more confident. That’s why she brought the concept here in the Philippines. A full-on glam beauty salon equipped with the highest quality services.

She makes sure that the staff is highly trained in the art of application, so clients can be sure to leave feeling that they’ve had an amazing day at the luxurious Japanese salon.

The main goal of Tokyo Glam is to provide people with high-quality services so they can enjoy pampering themselves. Japanese techniques and technologies guarantee to provide healthier and longer-lasting results compared to the regular ones.

It is true that the best love that you can give to yourself is self-care. At Tokyo Glam, their most indulgent beauty services can boost one’s confidence, giving them the instant glow they deserve.

Indulge in the Beauty that Pampers

Tokyo Glam is the place to be if you want all your beauty needs to be met. Their signature services, including eyelash extensions and nail services, will surely leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Ready to experience an authentic Japanese salon experience on your next relaxation day? Book your appointment with them and indulge in the beauty that pampers. Follow their Instagram account; they are offering your much-needed beauty promos.

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