Here’s the fashion aesthetic that’s trending in your Canadian city

  • August 22, 2022

Trends in Canadian fashion and design are ever-evolving.

From the moment Canadian tuxedos had in the early aughts to the skinny jeans, indie phase of the 2010s, there’s always a prominent aesthetic that encapsulates a generation’s self-expression.

Pinterest says that the pandemic has definitely had an influence on trending fashion aesthetics these last few years.

According to the image-sharing platform’s search data, searches for aesthetics, specifically the word “core,” spiked during the thick of the pandemic in March 2020 and continue to increase.



“With people experiencing lockdown and spending more time by themselves looking inward and reflecting on who they are, global Pinterest searches containing ‘core’ continued to increase, seeing another sharp spike around the time of New Years Eve 2021, and doubling over the two years,” Pinterest said in a news release.

For those who aren’t familiar with the lingo, the word “core” is combined with another word to create a label for a specific style or vibe someone exudes.

For example, someone who adheres to the “normcore style” dresses in unpretentious, average, and purposefully dull-looking clothing.

“Canadian Pinners have been actively planning out their aesthetic over the past year,” stated Pinterest.

The platform shared Canada’s top leading aesthetics based on its search data.

If you need inspo for your 2022 wardrobe, here’s the aesthetic that’s trending in your Canadian city.



National aesthetic

According to Pinterest, searches for cleancore have increased eight-fold across Canada since the pandemic.

Cleancore combines a very clean and organized aesthetic with colourful bath accessories such as pastel towels, fun bars of soap, or rainbow loofahs. These highly sanitized and fun environments are calming for many and create a space conducive to mental clarity.

Calgary’s aesthetic

The most searched aesthetic in Calgary is kidcore.

Kidcore involves vibrant colours and kid-related elements such as toys, cartoon patterns, and colourful beads. This is a nostalgia-based aesthetic that reminds people of simpler times.

Halifax’s aesthetic

The most searched aesthetic in Halifax is dark academia.

Dark academia is all about a cozy bookworm look, with big blazers and professor’s sweaters. Colours and textures include darker neutrals, tweed and plaid. People that have a passion for literature are especially interested.

Montreal’s aesthetic

Montreal’s most searched aesthetic is coquette.

Coquette embraces vintage pastel aesthetics and involves lace and floral patterns. It’s inspired by the 2000s (such as corsets and platforms) and soft girl (light colours and cozy clothes) aesthetics. People love this aesthetic because it allows them to connect with their feminine side and is for anyone of any age or gender.

Toronto’s aesthetic

Torontonians have embraced the soft boy aesthetic.

The soft boy aesthetic is for those inclined to show their sensitive side, whether it be through fashion or a hobby such as photography, art, or meditation. Men’s feelings and emotions are becoming less stigmatized with the rise of mental health and Gen Z is embracing it.

Vancouver’s aesthetic

Vancouver’s most searched aesthetic is the clean girl look.

Started among the Black and Brown communities, the clean girl aesthetic is all about a natural, minimalist look. Slicked back buns, glossy lips, dewy skin, and neutral, polished outfits.

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