I paid $24 for lost luggage and got $500 designer items

  • August 22, 2022

One man’s lost luggage is another’s designer treasure.

A woman claims she paid $24 for some unclaimed luggage at an auction and delightfully got more than she bargained for.

A YouTube content creator and fashion connoisseur who goes by Roxi revealed goodies found in the lost suitcase: clothes, shoes, a handbag and even a designer perfume.

“This is literally some stranger’s luggage, I have no idea what’s inside, and we’re going to open it in this video together,” Roxi said in the video, which amassed over 9,200 likes and 248,000 views.

Roxi looking into camera
Roxi, based in the UK, unpacked the items on camera for her followers to see.

She was inspired by fellow content creators Safiya Nygaard and HopeScope, who both traveled to America’s only lost luggage store, located in Alabama.

But for UK-based Roxi, she opted for purchasing a bag — with unknown contents — at a used luggage auction.

“Oh my gosh I’m so nervous,” Roxi said before rummaging through the bag. “I’m either going to get some designer clothes in here or I’m going to waste my money.”

The YouTuber, who touts 4.5 million subscribers, learned airlines have approximately 90 days to attempt to return suitcases to their owners before having to reimburse the owner with money if the luggage cannot be found. But when the bags are eventually found, they are sold at auctions to the highest bidder.

In this case, Roxi paid $24 and received more than $500 worth of items inside.

Roxi on YouTube
She discovered some used toiletries — including lipstick, a toothbrush and a razor.
Roxi opening the suitcase
She wasn’t sure what to expect when she first opened the suitcase, worried she had wasted a few bucks for a total dud.

Upon unzipping the suitcase — which was labeled as “women’s clothes” at auction — her jaw dropped.

“It’s looking kind of promising,” she said.

Rifling through a toiletries bag full of items she probably didn’t want — a razor, toothbrush, mascara, lipstick, lotion and shampoo — she moved on to the real gems in the luggage.

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She bagged an “amazing” designer YSL perfume valued at $108 and a quilted brown suede handbag that seemed brand new with tags still attached.

“I think I just saw something that could potentially be really valuable,” she said, pulling out a black Gucci shirt, which she thought was authentic and worth $580. But there was a catch — it was fake.

“It looks pretty good though. It looks just like a Gucci T-shirt to be honest,” she said. “I’m going to wash this and I’m definitely going to use it.”

She also uncovered a strange — and “creepy” — Joker-inspired doll, still in the box, at the bottom of the suitcase. Amongst the more typical finds, the YouTuber also pulled out a pair of strappy white heels, a black satin dress, a black skirt and a cream-colored H&M dress.

Roxi holding up Gucci t shirt
Her biggest find — other than a YSL perfume — was a faux Gucci shirt.

“It’s so cute, I really really like it. I’m actually going to give this away to my mom because I feel like she’ll like this a lot,” Roxi said of the H&M find since it wasn’t the right size.

Viewers in the comments were wowed at the creator’s discoveries, others felt bad for the luggage’s original owner — named Caroline — who was probably distraught over her lost suitcase.

“Imagine the person who lost this luggage watching this video,” quipped one user.

Roxi holding up a black mini skirt
She also unearthed some skirts, dresses and shoes.

“I feel so sorry for these people. Wouldn’t want anyone buying my own stuff,” someone else wrote with a frowny face.

“It was fun and sad at the same time,” agreed another.

While Roxi admitted she probably wouldn’t keep all the items — and definitely not the used lipstick — she said she’d be donating a portion of her findings.

“I’ve got to say my favorite thing from the whole suitcase is definitely the perfume,” she dished. “This is one thing I’m definitely going to use, because like, it’s a perfume.”

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