I’m a men’s fashion expert – these style mistakes are ruining your look and could even damage expensive items

  • August 22, 2022

A MEN’S fashion expert has revealed three style mistakes that could be ruining your outfits.

TikToker Gtvision shared his cutting-edge tips in a video with nearly 200,000 views.

A TikToker has revealed three men's fashion mistakes that could be ruining your outfits


A TikToker has revealed three men’s fashion mistakes that could be ruining your outfitsCredit: TikTok
Fashion expert Gtvision explained that keeping your laces loose can elevate your look and not wear down your sneakers as fast


Fashion expert Gtvision explained that keeping your laces loose can elevate your look and not wear down your sneakers as fastCredit: TikTok

In the 18-second clip, the style guru explained three fashion faux pas that could be holding back your potential.

“Don’t match head to toe,” he said in the post.

Gtvision explained that it’s actually best to break up your outfits instead.

While the first tip may seem obvious, his next one may actually keep you from damaging your favorite shoes.

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“Don’t lace your sneakers super tight,” he said over a photo of white shoes.

“It’s gonna be easier for them to crease that way, and loose just looks better.”

For his final tip, Gtvision recommended that you pay attention to the brand names when you put an outfit together.

“Lastly is gonna be mixing competing brands,” he said.

“If you do this, your outfits won’t be as cohesive.”

Gtvision’s tips sparked a conversation in the comments about different style dos and don’ts.

“Disagree with the last one I wear Yeezy slides with Nike socks all the time,” one person said.

Other people said that you can match head to toe if you know what you’re doing.

“Matching head to do is good if done properly,” one person commented.

Another person said: “I always wear all black tho.”

“Monotone outfits are good. Long as one piece isn’t the same color like hats or shoes,” a different user commented.

Gtvision makes tons of videos on men’s fashion and lifestyle.

This comes as another style expert gave three tips to looking classy with things you probably already have in your closet.

Fashion expert Simona Rakauskaite told TikTok viewers that they can still look expensive on a budget.

Simona is a minimalist when it comes to her everyday style.

But minimalism is the key to looking elegant.

Simona posted a TikTok in which she explained her three tips on how to dress expensively without paying a fat price.

Tip #1: “Go for gold jewelry.”

Gold jewelry appears expensive even if it’s not real.

Simona says you don’t have to buy the real metal, just the color.

“Less is always more when it comes to accessorizing.

“So make sure you don’t overpower your look with too much chunky jewelry and to try and balance it out by mixing in some dainty pieces as well.”

Tip #2: “Stick to neutrals.”

Neutrals scream chic, and a monochromatic outfit works even better.

“Neutral or monochromatic outfits always look polished and take little to no time to put together,” she says.

According to Simona, basic colors like black, white, and tan are associated with the upper class, power, and dimension.

Tip #3: “Go for relatively natural makeup.”

Simona recommends having Hailey Bieber as your inspiration as she is the queen of the clean girl aesthetic.

A natural no-makeup makeup look is what you should be going for.

“You should also make sure your hair is neat and put away,” she says.

Viewers expressed the same interest in Simona’s styling tips.

“I love neutrals,” one woman mentioned, while another wrote: “Good tips, thanks for sharing.”

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