KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick: An Honest Review

  • August 22, 2022

Way back when, during the days of sweet high school summers and carefree college nights out, my girlfriends and I would always make our way to our nearest Sephora and test the latest lip colors or powerfully pigmented liquid eyeliners in the sea of products and brands. And somehow, without much fail, I would always leave with a new KVD Beauty find in hand.

As a beginner beauty lover (who is now a passionate beauty writer), it was of note even back then that its cosmetics range was all about serious pigment, akin to an ever-inked tattoo on skin. And though the market is super saturated and filled with so many incredible brands these days, KVD Beauty is still churning out products that are just as good … Which is why I was struck with so much nostalgia when I learned that my OG-fave brand was bringing back a most-loved liquid lipstick, now reformulated to perform even better than before. What’s more, they’ve tapped Paris Jackson as a global partner and face of the new lip collection, also being appointed the co-creative director on the fitting fairycore, grunge-y photoshoot. Consider me (majorly) intrigued.

Good thing is: The liquid lipsticks are officially available to shop — so here’s the tea before you buy.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $22
  • Best For: Those who prefer lightweight formulas, but still want some major pigment
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Yes
  • Pros: The applicator is made for the easiest, most precise application
  • Cons: Some darker colors may apply a bit patchy, so it’s best to apply quickly and smoothly to avoid any issues

The KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick

Available in 21 dreamy shades that are all named after poisonous plants and unique blooms, KVD Beauty’s new liquid lipstick is formulated to feel like vapor on the lips. And though a lightweight comfort is at the forefront, the transfer and budget-proof formula has full-coverage pigment.

Made to nourish your lips, each hue is infused with raspberry stem cells that allow for all-day wear that feels comfortable and moisturized.

My First Impression

Housed in the most adorably luxe and vintage-inspired scalloped clear vials, I was immediately in love with the thoughtful packaging (that you could easily recognize and find when rummaging through a messy purse, which is a huge bonus). And as soon as I twisted off the cap, I fell in love with whipped vanilla icing scent, which fades soon after application — and is another big upgrade from the unscented original.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the applicator is just how tiny and precise it is, acting as an ideal shape that allows for clean, crisp lines without the lip liner (though you can always go in with a liner that’s slightly darker for a ’90s vibe). Creamy and smooth on the lips, the lipstick applies with a whisper, packs gorgeous pigment, is incredibly comfortable for long-wear, and stays put through meetings, snacking, and more.

The one issue with the formula that I noticed upon first application is that there is a chance you may experience some patchiness with certain shades (especially the more vampy hues) — though with that in mind, I realized an easy fix is to focus on clean, one-swipe application. In other words: Work on the bottom half of the lips first, applying the product seamlessly and somewhat quickly without dipping back into the bottle. With another dip of the product, apply onto the top lip with the same technique, before allowing the entire lip to fully dry for a minute or two.

Though I didn’t need another layer to amp up the pigment, I did test to see how it would feel … And to my surprise, it didn’t add much weight onto my lips at all, and throughout the day, I didn’t experience any unwanted flakiness or dryness that couldn’t be mended with a few dabs of lip balm.

So Long, Lolita — Hello, Queen Of Poison

If you, like me, have a history with KVD Beauty, it’s highly likely that you’ve adorned the lip shade called Lolita on your pout. And just as the brand has revamped the formula, they’ve also taken the opportunity to change the name of the hue to Queen Of Poison.

But don’t worry, I can confirm that the color is virtually the exact same chestnut rose many know and love, with Queen Of Poison appearing just a bit richer when swatched.

Top: Lolita / Bottom: Queen Of PoisonOlivia Rose Ferreiro

The Final Verdict

All in all, I’m very much pleased with this reformulated launch — and most of all, I’m feeling so deeply nostalgic wearing the same shade I wore so often in those formative years. For Millennials that share the same sentiments, you’re going to want to pick this one up. And for the Gen Z girlies who may not be as familiar with the brand, this is a great introductory item.

I, for one, will be experimenting with the collection all fall season long, wearing either solo or topping the look with a clear gloss for a juicy look that feels on-trend and fresh.

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