Statement diamond jewellery for your V-day look

  • April 7, 2023

Whether it is with your partner or a potential romantic interest, Valentine’s Day is special and exciting. And when a day is that special, we definitely need to get the memo right. If you’re someone who cares about putting their most stylish foot forward, you will agree that a lot of prep goes into planning a V-day look—from the outfit and accessories, to hair and make-up; we want everything to be perfect. For someone who prefers elegance and dainty charm, nothing can elevate your look like a piece (or more!) of diamond jewellery. Designs at Tanishq are delicate, timeless, and sure-fire to add radiance to your V-day attire. Tanishq’s 1000+ range of styles and designs—everything from dainty necklaces and intricate bracelets, to discerning pairs of earrings—is a rare and magical combination of contemporary and timeless designs. What’s more, these pieces look stunning on every occasion, be it a brunch look, a movie outing, or a candlelight dinner, diamonds work round the clock! 

Diamonds have been known to be a woman’s best friend and Tanishq’s versatile and timeless range of diamond jewellery has been a preferred choice across generations. The diamond jewellery collection at Tanishq is not just aesthetically pleasing but also a superb investment and can be 100% exchanged at prevailing selling prices at the 360+ Tanishq stores. And you also have an option to redesign your old Tanishq diamond jewellery to get yourself an on-trend piece that will suit your style; choose from a plethora of designs, which are available at irresistible prices and come with 100% cartage assurance.

If diamonds are what your heart desires—whether you choose to own them or gift them to a loved one—here are five diamond jewellery pieces by Tanishq that can further illuminate your V-day. 


A minimal necklace

While ringarde has its charm, nothing beats the sophistication of a minimalistic design. In the era of chunky, huge pieces of jewellery, a minimalistic diamond necklace cuts the clutter and stands out in a sophisticated fashion. These look graceful, elegant, and can bedazzle your outfit with little or no effort. This Floral Diamond Lariat Necklace from Tanishq is the perfect piece to don. It can be worked with a day look as well as an evening, glam look. The stunning floral motifs and the three layers can add a subtle charm to your outfit.


A contemporary pair of drop earrings

A pair of modish drop earrings is all you need to accessorise your V-day look. They look classy, timeless, and can instantly perk up your OOTN. Put on a monotone dress, a jumpsuit or a gown, opt for a sleek pulled-back hairstyle and let your drop earrings get you all the attention you deserve!  


A chic, dainty bracelet

A gorgeous, dainty bracelet on your wrist will make you look even prettier when you hold hands with your bae! It looks exquisite, appealing, and provides a graceful yet casual-chic look. Take it up a notch by stacking it with your watch. This delicate shimmer bracelet is a classic piece that exhibits dexterity and magnificence, making it just the right fit for a V-day. 

Rings for the win

Who said you have to wait for a partner to buy you a ring? You can do it yourself! Gorgeous diamond rings sitting on your fingers is what your shiniest dreams are made of. Rings are a symbol of love, commitment, and, of course, great taste. Stack them or wear them individually, Tanishq’s diamond rings are versatile and can be styled in many ways. Infinity pattern, classic floral pattern, cocktail ring, and diamond bands are a few options that are in trend right now, and available at Tanishq.


Poised Bangles

Diamond bangles are a symbol of luck and prosperity and who wouldn’t want to be lucky to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day? Minimal and dainty diamond bangles at Tanishq are the out-and-out pieces to style for your V-day look. The″>Swish and Dazzle diamond bangle is feminine, beautifully detailed, and offers a contemporary look to the outfit.

Diamonds are women’s favourite gifts since the beginning of time. Especially when gifted on V-day, it becomes a symbol of eternal love, commitment, purity, and rarity. There is simply something about jewellery that makes it sentimental and portrays your love like no other. Perhaps, diamonds represent monumental periods in women’s lives like engagement and wedding. In case you are a man looking for a valuable gift, then timeless diamond jewellery is the answer. It is a gift which can be cherished for ages. Tanishq’s diamond jewellery designs have been designed with exquisite craftsmanship to make it relevant for times to come. From necklaces and rings, to bangles and bracelets, your lady can create plenty of desirable looks with diamonds adorning her. 

That said, while diamonds are perfect for special occasions, you can wear these every day, without any occasion. It’s all about loving and celebrating yourself, every single day—and if that means, looking radiant wearing diamonds, then so be it! Tanishq has got a huge collection of diamond jewellery for all occasions, styles, and moods. The jewellery is 100 per cent hallmarked and comes with a 100 per cent buyback policy at Tanishq stores.

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