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Where is Next in Fashion Season 1 Winner Today? Update

Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion’ is a fashion-centric reality show that puts the spotlight on 18 top-drawer fashion designers from across who globe, who compete with each other to be the game-changer in the world of fashion and also take home a handsome cash prize. The participants are experienced designers who have worked with a number of influential people in the fashion business and not simple amateurs who just started out their fashion journey.

Even though every one of them has the ability to win, only one emerges as the ultimate winner. Among the designers competing to become the next best thing in fashion in season 1, Minju Kim showcased her talents and was able to beat the other contestants to be the winner. With Kim now quite popular in the fashion industry, fans are excited to know where she is at present. Well, we come bearing answers!

Minju Kim’s Next in Fashion Journey

In the episode titled ‘Prints and Patterns,’ the teams were challenged to create using various prints and patterns as well as coming up with their own designs if they wanted to. They had a whole day and a half to dress a male and female model. Elizabeth Stewart, a celebrity stylist, came back to support the judges. In this episode, Angel Chen and Minju Kim showed the judges their own take on the prints and won the challenge. Kim won the Streetwear challenge and shared her win with Angel Chen again in episode 4.

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Like the other challenges, the teams had a day and a half to

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  • June 16, 2023

Where Are They Today? Update on the Cast

Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion’ is a fashion-related reality TV show that centers on 18 talented fashion designers competing to win a grand prize of $250,000 and an opportunity to launch their own fashion line. ‘Next in Fashion’ is an entertaining and inspiring show for fashion enthusiasts and anyone interested in the creative process and business of fashion. Season 1 of the series rode on the hype created by the new and creative designs made by the contestants. Naturally, fans of the series are now curious to know what the designers of Season 1 are up to, and we are here to answer those questions.

Where is Claire Davis Now?

Claire Davis is a London-born graduate designer who launched HANGER in 2013. By the use of texture and simple designs in clothes that are only Manufactured in England, HANGER is a homage to the slow fashion movement that is seasonless and created in London, with the ambition to develop a forward-thinking brand that offers both quality and accessibility. The stylistic elements that identify the clothing—graphic silhouettes, sci-fi aesthetics, and wearable latex designs—are revisited in each collection of the company.

London-based fashion brand HANGER was established in the world of latex clothing and Japanese girlhood. The CogDis logo is reworked in each collection and is distinguished aesthetically by graphic silhouettes, sci-fi themes, and wearable latex creations. She is also the Co-Founder of CogDis. Prior to having her own company, the designer worked as a Production Manager at Lady Lucie Latex, where she stayed till 2020. Claire is also the owner of a small business, The High Priestxss where she sells healing tools.

Where is Adolfo Sanchez Now?

Adolfo is a Mexican-American fashion designer that specializes in wedding and evening wear. His fashion career began in 2006, and since then, he has appeared

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  • June 14, 2023