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Milan Fashion Week: Granny Chic, Raspberry Velvet & Outfit Templates For Autumn

Ciao! Following New York and London, the fashion industry descended on Milan, the latest stop on the seasonal circuit for autumn-winter 2023.

Italian designers presented musings on old money, new luxury and dressing up (or down), with all eyes on the runways as designers continue to

Simplicity is establishing itself as the mood of the moment, and the Italian approach is one of quiet luxury and classic glamour. These were our favourite looks.

It’s always appreciated how Matthieu Blazy knows how to present clothes for men and women as a united front. It’s not often the balance is right for others. I’m a big fan of Emma’s Bottega Veneta pick too (see below, Look 80), and this chic tie-neck dress with pannier pockets is an example of combining every gender under the sun into one great dress. The subtle pleating, top stitching, and subtle 80s suiting fabric is a winner. — Dan Ahwa, fashion and creative director

Much has been made of this collection — an interim offering from the design studio — but there were a lot of ideas, risks and references in the mix, which warrants appreciation. I keep coming back to this look — it’s simple, sexy and has a dash of the Tom Ford era about it, without feeling like a reproduction. The combination of a raspberry velvet skirt slung over purple fishnets is fruity and hot, and I will be trying this myself. — Emma Gleason, commercial editor

I love Matthieu Blazy’s direction with Bottega Veneta. The brand, which reached cult status more recently for its elevated luxe and classic designs, has added an edge, a little more maximalist than its minimalist past. This look made me smile; I love the modern granny chic look with lace and

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  • April 1, 2023