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Emerging fashion designers launch innovative debut collections

After years of virtual galleries and digital showcases, the sorely-missed and highly-anticipated Sinulid is back on the physical stage. The runway will welcome over 50 creations of fashion innovators that explore history and tradition, heritage and culture, sensibilities, and social and environmental issues.

Emotion and passion are two vital elements in the collection to create a feast for the eyes

Sinulid is the annual blockbuster culminating fashion show which exhibits the talent, knowledge, skills, and craftsmanship of the graduating students from the Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Environment and Design.

Themed Renascence, this year’s installment unveils its nostalgic homecoming at the Benilde Design + Arts Campus as the home of the debut collections of 11 emerging creators whose diverse artistic identities have developed during the lockdowns.

Sinulid 2023 promises a retrospective of varying creative processes and design possibilities. It will feature ensembles that capture the spirit of nature, from the breathtaking charm of butterfly wings’ coloration and pattern formation to the captivating beauty of frozen methane instead of climate change.

Daring looks with unconventional patterns and textures also tell the story of the creators’ artistic identities

Emotion and passion will make a mark in this series, with surrealist- and macabre-inspired pieces that envelop sorrow and escapism to visual representations of drug-induced euphoria. Daring looks that explore the boundaries of physical intimacy will also be in view.

Collections that challenge the norms will be presented, including upcycled secondhand fabrics and unconventional bridal series that champion the art of body ink as a counter-movement against fast fashion.

Legacy and birthright will take centerstage through designs that aim to revive the faltering capiz shell industry of Samal, Bataan, and a modern retelling will reign in the glamorized interpretation of Lenten season-inspired vestments.

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  • March 4, 2023