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Sac State’s MBA program set up designer and entrepreneur Jason Vu for a quick rise in the fashion industry

Jason Vu, creator of men's clothing line AUTHMADE, smiles while sitting with his iPad in one hand and electronic pencil in the other hand, tools he uses to design his clothing.
Jason Vu is the founder and creative director of men’s clothing line AUTHMADE, which partners with NBA teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Sacramento Kings. (Sacramento State/Andrea Price)

Like many kids, Jason Vu was into basketball – especially his hometown Sacramento Kings.

As NBA players increasingly used their high-profile platform to show off stylish clothing and arena tunnels turned into de facto runways, however, Vu found his eyes increasingly drawn to the world of fashion.

“The player I really looked up to was Allen Iverson,” Vu said, referring to the flamboyant guard who built his Hall of Fame career mostly with the Philadelphia 76ers.

“He was just so different. He dressed differently. He brought that swagger onto the court with the arm bands and the headband, just the way that he wore his stuff to the games.”

Vu is the founder and creative director of AUTHMADE, a men’s clothing line launched in 2017 that established itself in Sacramento and beyond through collaborations with NBA teams like the Kings.

His clothing skills are largely self-taught, but Vu’s time in Sacramento State’s Master’s in Business Administration program gave him the skills to successfully run a business.

“Going to Sac State and learning about business really helped set myself up to be successful at running a company,” he said.

Vu was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 3 years old, growing up in Sacramento and Elk Grove. In elementary school, he played basketball, which grew his interest in the NBA, the Kings, and, ultimately, fashion. In particular, he was drawn to a then-active clothing line called LRG, whose designer was a fellow Vietnamese American.

“At first I was just really intrigued by the clothes that they

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  • September 6, 2022