Unique Gold & Diamond collection Jewellery shoot done by Celebrity Stylist Faiza Aman Khan at Mahendra Jewellery, Vaniyambadi

To tell about Faiza, she have carved her name herself as one of the most successful personalities in the fashion industry. She is a celebrity stylist, fashion diva and event planner. Faiza is now creating waves of interest in doing Jewellery Shoots of unique Gold & Diamonds collections with Mahendra Jewellery, Vaniyambadi

She says when she was approached by Mahendra Jewellery  for a jewellery shoot she was immensely happy to take the offer since it was a pride to work with the unique traditions of her own hometown Jewellery

The collections of Mahendra Jewelleries were Unique international collections. They had lot of Dubai, Turkish & Luxury Bridal collections. To explain in one line, it’s a “ A single roof for all international Jewellery Collections”

Faiza says, she has done many shoots but Abaya shoot with their unique collections made a magical moment, and the traditional jewellery shoot with saree & Casual Jewllery shoot with blazers stays as a memory that lasts ever close to her heart

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  • March 23, 2023