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PNGS Gargi Fashion Jewellery : Success Story of Organised Fashion Jewellery

If you are among those who love to make a style statement and set new fashion trends, you need to keep exploring new fads hitting the market and picking up complimenting pieces which are in sync with the look that you wish to reflect, from modern to traditional, and bling to subtle.

Even as gold and silver are traditionally considered to be the predominant choice for jewellery during the festive and wedding season, buying the right pieces of jewellery is more like a tradition where families visit their trusted jewellers to buy anything from knick-knacks like earrings, necklaces, toe-rings and anklets to heavy jewellery for special occasions, the trends seem to be changing.

PN Gadgil & Sons understands the emotional connection of traditional Indian families with jewellery

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PN Gadgil & Sons understands the emotional connection of traditional Indian families with jewellery

In today’s times where women are fashion-conscious and want to keep changing their looks according to the prevailing trends, modern women are seeking more than just traditional gold jewellery. Pairing your outfits with high-quality costume jewellery ensures that you never have to compromise on fashion.

A trusted legacy jewellery brand known for its highest levels of quality and purity; PN Gadgil & Sons understands this emotional connection of traditional Indian families with its products very closely. Over the years, the brand has been an inseparable part of festivals, weddings, celebrations, and happy occasions for more than 10 lakh families across generations. The brand has evolved and grown tremendously, all the while diversifying its design portfolio to suit the changing taste of its customers.

Catching the changing trends in the jewellery market, PN Gadgil & Sons launched a new brand called ‘Gargi by PN Gadgil & Sons’ which offers a variety of options in costume and fashion jewellery with a wide range of choices for jewellery aficionados as well as

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  • March 31, 2023