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Like It Or Not, the Barbiecore, Hot Pink Trend Is Coming for Men’s Fashion Too

One blink and it suddenly appeared. Hot pink met Barbiecore in an eye-blinding photo from the Barbie movie set, and now the whole world is rendered in shades of shocking pink. Valentino’s Fall ’22 runway show featured almost fluorescent pink clothing and accessories for men and women, and Sebastian Stan represented the brand with his hot pink ensemble at the Met Gala. Then at the Grammys, we saw more hot pink on the red carpet when Bieber wore a hot pink beanie, Billy Porter wore the shade head-to-toe, and Travis Barker wore a hot pink coat.

But while celebrities strutted their stuff in this shade, it wasn’t trickling down to the retail world. There were column inches on these guys’ bold fashion choices, but not much in stores. But seemingly, the instant those Barbie set photos of Ryan Gosling as Ken leaked, there was a run on this color. Barbiecore may feel like a sudden “hot trend,” but it’s been bubbling on the back burner for over a year.

Today’s Top Deals

Over the years, we’ve been seeing more and more hot pink men’s clothing for sale, a trend that would have been unthinkable back in the aughts. To better understand this trend, we talked to some fashion experts about the origin of this phenomenon and the influence of Barbiecore on men’s style writ large.


How a Trend Is Created

To understand how hot pink became a trend, one must understand how any trend starts.  “A trend is something that happens organically, something that happens in the zeitgeist,” trend forecaster Sharon Graubard told SPY in an email. Graubard and her firm MintModa have predicted trends and studied trends’ birth and death for decades. “I don’t think a trend can be consciously or cynically ‘created’ on purpose, although sometimes an influencer,

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  • August 22, 2022