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Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024: The best street style outfits to inspire your wardrobe

Paris Couture Week is officially over and now Copenhagen Fashion Week has become a hotbed for style-savvy influencers, and avant-garde fashion icons.

Twice a year, the Danish capital becomes the playground for an effortlessly chic tribe of stylish Scandis that march to the beat of their own drum. The Copenhagen crowd tears up the rulebook on minimalism, parading a kaleidoscope of prints, audacious hues, and bold shapes that scream self-expression. 

Nina Sandbech rocks a cropped blazer with metallic jeans © Getty
Nina Sandbech rocked a cropped blazer with metallic jeans during Copenhagen Fashion week in February 2023

But make no mistake, the Scandi signature of stark lines and utilitarian design still has its moment in the Copenhagen limelight. Influencers strut their stuff, blending timeless essentials with those must-have accessories for looks that are as now as they are eternal. 

And as layering game is strong, with a preference for airy fabrics and generous cuts to craft that breezy ‘Copen-core’ vibe. In Denmark the fashion set champion individual flair, sustainability fashion, and that razor-sharp Scandinavian design. Here, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s woven into the fabric of the event.

As we gear up for London Fashion Week, let Copenhagen’s cool streets be your muse for the season’s style playbook…

Mob Wife

Janka Polliani© Edward Berthelot
Janka Polliani

It turns out that in 2024 ‘Dopamine dressing’ means a brown leather jacket and cute-as-a-button hairstyle. 

Mob Wife

Loicka Grace© Edward Berthelot
Loicka Grace

In 70s Celine sunglasses, golden earrings, a her oversized coat, this look spotted outside Herskind is ‘Capo’s Consort’ personified.


Nina Sandbech© Edward Berthelot
Nina Sandbech

Nina Sandbech’s wardrobe is always eclectic and this is one of her best looks yet. Pinning this on my Valentine’s Day mood-board immediately.  

Lady in Red

Marianne Theodorsen© Edward Berthelot
Marianne Theodorsen

Marianne was serving Margot Tenenbaum goes to Copenhagen in her faux fur coat and

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  • March 1, 2024