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Clementine’s Salon and Skincare Revolutionizes Beauty With An App and a New Location

Founded by Dani Everson, Clementine’s Salon and Skincare strives to create a personalized experience for clients. To take her business to the next level, Everson created SkinForYou, an app where her estheticians can engage with their clients to create a personalized skincare regimen made just for them and their skin types.

The app has revolutionized skincare and built trusting relationships between estheticians and clients. Through her success, Everson recently opened a new salon in Arvada, Colorado that offers a skincare studio, hair salon and a bar skincare lounge for clients to enjoy.

Everson started her career renting booths as a hairstylist and realized she wanted to create something that was all her own. Her booth rental was next to, the now closed, Rosa Linda’s Mexican Cafe in the Highlands.

Everson approached Rosa Linda, the owner of the cafe, to inquire about leasing the extra space. The result was a salon that was “larger than the 1-2 stylists I had envisioned, so we hired delicately and intentionally so I could break into the ownership role,” Everson said. 

There are currently three Clementine Salon and Skincare Studio locations in Colorado, with two spaces in LoHi and one in Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace. Everson’s idea of a hair and skincare studio was originally strictly a hair salon. However, the idea to combine a skincare studio and hair salon came about when she was signing the lease at the Stanley Marketplace. When the space across from hers backed out, Everson decided to expand her own space. While at first, it was difficult, Everson quickly learned how to adapt. 

“I thought that skincare would be easy, but I was wrong. It was a different beast altogether, but we have amazing estheticians to help us along the way,” Everson said.

Everson created SkinForYou in order

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  • October 4, 2022