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Why young shoppers are going wild for low-cost fashion dupes

Welcome to the age of the dupe – the imitations, or even copies, of big-brand products, sometimes coming dangerously close to counterfeiting.

It’s a trend that’s growing on social media, to the extent that people are now proudly unearthing these low-cost versions of bags, clothes, shoes and beauty products, drawing their inspiration from the runways.

Not everyone can afford to invest in a Prada bag – far from it – so the average person sometimes turns to similar pieces, similar in style anyway, sold at low-cost prices.

The concept is certainly not new, with imitations being made for several decades, if not more. But it has perhaps never before been a subject of such pride.

The boundary between imitations and counterfeits is sometimes a little blurry, but what’s today known as dupes are everywhere on social networks, much to the delight of users who are only too happy to find low-cost substitutes of products from major luxury brands.

And dupes are to be found in all sectors, from cosmetics to food, but especially in fashion, where these imitations now seem to be everywhere.

Welcome to the age of the dupe.

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Nearly three billion views

From sneakers, handbags, clothes, perfumes and underwear, to day creams and even to packets of chips, these days, all products seem to have their dupe(s) on social networks.

Just look at the countless videos with the #dupe hashtag, which has no less than 2.8 billion views on TikTok. And that’s without counting its variants: #makeupdupe, #perfumedupe, #skincaredupe, #leggingsdupe, #fashiondupe, #zaradupe, and #fentydupe, each of which has several million views, and offers access to even more precise results.

There’s even a #dupechallenge hashtag, with nearly 60 million views, which involves going to stores, most

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  • March 7, 2023