Dodge the downpour in designer raincoats from Balenciaga, Celine

Why can’t we have nice things? Sometimes the “nice things” in question is just good ol’ sunny, lower-than-twenty-five-degrees weather. But when life gives you typhoons after rainstorms, put on a designer raincoat and act unbothered.

Big, big totes might be it right now, but trust me when I say all that extra room is not meant for an umbrella. Who has time to remember to bring one, let it air dry, then fold it back up? If this mentality is not really working out in your favour this typhoon season, invest in a designer raincoat (or two!).

The sudden downpours might not be going away anytime soon, and coming equipped with raincoats should just be the norm now. Aside from packing these luxury umbrellas, or rocking the most stylish rain-friendly shoes,  From futuristic head-turners by Balenciaga to double-duty staples by Saks Potts, find the raincoat that makes you feel safe, protected and loved during these turbulent and rainy times.

You know how the old saying goes: when it rains, it pours. So when it pours, whip out these designer raincoats and strut your stuff confidently while keeping your accessories, hair, and makeup intact. Now that’s a boss move. 

Dodge the downpours in these designer raincoats:

Remember when they made fun of you for wearing a tin foil hat? Turns out the post-apocalyptic rain is seriously no joke — it burns, it melts your skin, ouch! Good thing you got this Balenciaga metalised Tyvek® raincoat in your inventory despite all scoffs of disapproval. Who’s laughing now?

The good thing about a traditional raincoat is that it does not discriminate. It’s unisex, it’s oversized, it’s got a subtle hue that goes with virtually anything. Share this iteration by VETEMENTS among your roommates and colleagues; everyone gets to look cool and stay

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  • September 6, 2022