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Stitch Fix Chief Merchant: The Style Forecast is ‘an Embodiment’ of the Brand Promise

The stitch-fix-style-forecast-2024/”Stitch Fix Style Forecast has become so much more than a press campaign used to drum up buzz and consumer excitement before the New Year’s Eve ball drops. In fact, it’s now central to how Stitch Fix shows up for customers across channels.

“The Style Forecast is an embodiment of the art and science to our approach, fueled by billions of data points that we gather across our experiences and through millions of our clients that we engage with,” said Loretta Choy, Chief Merchandising and Client Services Officer for Stitch Fix during a recent Retail Remix interview.

The Style Forecast methodology refers to metrics such as sales data, “like/love” score, a measure of client feedback on specific items, how often items are kept in a “Fix,” client profile data points, search data, Fix request notes and more. Stitch Fix then taps an insights team to conduct a survey of 2,000 U.S.-based men and women Stitch Fix clients, and a separate survey of more than 300 U.S.-based Stitch Fix stylists.

While these quantitative insights drive the foundation of the work, the unique knowledge and expertise of stylists, trend experts and merchandising teams also are central to the Forecast’s accuracy and relevance.

“We look at this as the outside and inside perspectives coming together,” Choy explained. “With our process, we try to understand what is influencing clients today, so we can think about the big themes that may carry forward into 2024. Then, we try to understand what our clients are excited about going into 2024, because a lot of times when clients give us feedback, those requests are mostly forward-looking about trends they’re seeing and want to try. That really feeds into a lot of the data we pull together.”

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  • February 20, 2024