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A new wave of Chinese designers sweeps the European fashion industry

At a time when China is turning towards its domestic market, the
emergence of new Chinese designers, positioned at the top of the range, is
not insignificant. Especially since this young generation is challenging
preconceived ideas about “made in China”, thereby creating what can be
called a “new wave”.

The mention of Chinese brands often leads to negative perceptions,
whether technical, ecological or ethical. It is misunderstanding the
potential of this country, which has historical clothing traditions, has
become the world’s factory (and therefore knows how to manufacture) and
represents an ideal target clientele for luxury brands (and therefore knows
how to appreciate beautiful things).

“The pejorative aspect of Made in China and fast fashion have gradually
made us forget that China is one of the first civilisations to develop a
real know-how in clothing,” said Jean-Loup Rebours, a young entrepreneur
that has opened an agency dedicated to Chinese fashion. “Faxion was born
out of a passion for China and its history, which is not well known in the
West for political reasons (ideological rivalry between China and the West
which hinders cultural exchanges). The idea is to offer them a platform
because it is not easy to evolve alone on the Parisian scene (language
barrier, administrative obstacles, time differences, bureaucracy, etc.).

Today, Chinese designers are driven by the desire to make their voice
heard in the West, and to enhance the value of Made in China through the
promotion of Chinese craftsmanship, philosophy and arts in fashion. This is
achieved through incubators such as Labelhood.

Labelhood supports the development of emerging Chinese designers

Courtesy of Faxion, Ruohan

According to a report by strategy consulting firm Eclair, relayed by the
magazine Jing Daily, the consumption power of luxury in China has increased
exponentially between 2011 and 2018. By 2025, China

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  • June 18, 2023