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Showpo CEO ‘shocked’ as shopper’s TikTok video exposes major fail: ‘This has never happened before’

Online shopping can always be risky – but one Aussie mum was left feeling ripped off, after shopping with Showpo and instead receiving a product from Shein.

Ashleigh Masterson posted a video on TikTok sharing how the boutique online shopping brand shipped her a product from Shein, a controversial fast fashion website.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Showpo ships product from Shein to Aussie mum.

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“I ordered an outfit to wear to a concert on Friday, and I just received my items,” she said in the video, which now has more than 79,000 views.

“And the belt that I ordered has a Shein tag on it.”

Masterson paid $31.45 for the Shelby Chain Belt from Showpo, which has now been removed from its website.

But instead of receiving the Showpo product she ordered and paid for, a similar belt with a Shein tag arrived on her doorstep.

Ashleigh Masterson bough a belt from Showpo, but received one from Shein. Credit: TikTok

“$31 for a belt that Shein probably would’ve had for $5,” Masterson said in the video.

“Showpo, what – the – hell?”

Masterson found the belt she received on Shein’s website, on sale for $6.95.

“That is just not on. Not on at all. What the f***?”

‘Never happened before’

TikTok users were just as shocked as Masterson.

“I would be ROPABLE!!!!” one person commented.

“Ohhhhhh dear… someone’s gonna get fired,” another said.

“That’s so disappointing!” said a third.

The Coin Charm Chain belt from Shein. Credit: Shein

Jane Lu, the CEO of Showpo, responded to Masterson’s video in the comment section.

“Hey Ashleigh & everyone, Showpo CEO here. Omg I am so shocked! This has never happened before, we are investigating with our supplier.

“12+ years of Showpo

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  • March 20, 2023