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Shocking moment husband beats wife for visiting beauty salon in Turkmenistan in ‘morality’ crackdown

Shocking moment enraged husband punches and kicks his wife for visiting a beauty salon in Turkmenistan amid ‘morality’ crackdown by ex-Soviet state’s new dictator

  • Distressing video shows husband attack wife who went to a beauty salon 
  • Attack comes as Turkmenistan dictator cracks down on women’s freedoms
  • Police detain women with fake eyelashes and hunt for those with lip fillers 
  • The Muslim-majority country is described as a rampantly corrupt kleptocracy 
  • New president won rigged election in March, taking over from his father 

A deeply distressing video shows how a crazed husband violently beats his wife after finding her in a beauty salon amid a morality crackdown by the ex-Soviet state’s new dictator.

The brutality comes as a new environment of female oppression takes hold in the authoritarian ex-Soviet state Turkmenistan. Husbands can be fined if their wives receive certain beauty or cosmetic treatments.

The Turkmen government has increased control over women’s rights since new President Serdar Berdymukhammedov came to power in March, succeeding his father, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, with 73 per cent of the vote in an election that international observers said was neither free nor fair.

Turkmenistan is widely pilloried for its record on human rights, with international NGOs describing the country as suffering from rampant corruption and openly calling it a kleptocracy. 

Since April, police have detained dozens of women in the street for wearing false nails and eyelashes, or other beauty accessories. Police also hunt for women who they believe might have had lip fillers and other cosmetic adjustments. 

It is in this climate that the man in the shocking video is seen punching and kicking his wife in front of female onlookers, who

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  • August 27, 2022