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How to Run a Fashion Magazine in China in 2023

Two years ago, when Condé Nast announced that Margaret Zhang would be the next editor in chief of Vogue China, many in the fashion media were taken aback.

For one thing, at just 27, Ms. Zhang was the youngest ever editor in chief of a Vogue title. For another, there was her unorthodox multi-hyphenate résumé as a photographer, consultant, filmmaker, model and social media influencer — with almost no magazine experience. Then there was the fact that Ms. Zhang, who was born to Chinese immigrant parents in Sydney, was an Australian who had never lived in mainland China.

Her appointment was a considerable gamble for Condé Nast, and specifically for its global chief content officer, Anna Wintour. China was, and is, a cornerstone of the luxury fashion market, responsible for billions of dollars of sales. It is an economic superpower with a complicated relationship with the West, and a place where censorship of the press is common.

It is also one of the most populous countries in the world (about 1.4 billion people), whose nationalism is helping reshape consumer culture and the retail landscape. Some Western fashion brands have faced strong reactions after angering the government over moves involving Xinjiang cotton or Taiwan.

Angelica Cheung, the founding editor of Vogue China, held the position for 15 years. Its next editor would need to have an ambitious vision, formidable connections and commercial and diplomatic savvy — a challenge for someone twice, or even three times, Ms. Zhang’s age and experience, let alone a foreigner.

How would it feel to step into a job like that, knowing how many people expect you to fail?

In Soho during London Fashion Week last month, Ms. Zhang, now 29, paused for a moment when asked that question. Petite, and currently with electric blue hair (she

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  • June 24, 2023

Love Island’s Millie Court stuns in bra top and see-through skirt at Paris Fashion Week

LOVE Island star Millie Court rocked a barely-there outfit for Paris Fashion Week.

The star, 26, was pictured sporting the revealing ensemble as she strolled through Paris.

Millie Court was snapped strolling through Paris


Millie Court was snapped strolling through ParisCredit: Raw Image Ltd
The star could be seen as she strolled away from the Louvre Museum


The star could be seen as she strolled away from the Louvre MuseumCredit: Raw Image Ltd
Millie paired the ensemble with an over-sized blazer and minimalist accessories


Millie paired the ensemble with an over-sized blazer and minimalist accessoriesCredit: Instagram

Millie, who is best known for claiming the Love Island crown in 2021, also gave a glimpse into her glamorous trip to the ‘city of love’ in a post to social media.

In a series of snaps, Millie could be seen posing in her chic outfit, alongside a clip of her strutting through a scenic part of the city.

The TV personality paired the mesh, ruffled skirt with neutral trainers and a low-cut, black bra top.

She layered the look with an oversized, grey blazer with exaggerated shoulder pads and accessorised with a black bag and shades.

Love Island’s Millie Court shows off her curves in barely-there swimsuit
Inside Love Islanders Chloe Burrows and Millie Court’s girls trip to Dublin

Millie also shared pictures of some delicious looking food that she enjoyed during her stay, a sun-lit view from a balcony and various designer shopping bags.

She captioned the post: “I’ve found my happy place.”

Millie’s fans shared their thoughts in the comments, with one writing: “Ooooo a new Chanel bag in Paris what a dream, has to be done.”

Another praised her fashion choices, stating: “Coolest outfit yet.”

A third gushed: “Unreal. You can pull EVERYTHING off.”

“Fashion QUEEEEEN!!!!” remarked a fourth.

Despite it only being March, Millie’s Parisian getaway is already her fourth trip of 2023.

The holiday-loving star has reportedly jetted off on 14 breaks in the past year, including Dubai, Miami and Marrakech.

Millie and her bestie Chloe Burrows recently enjoyed a girls trip to Dublin, Ireland.


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  • March 27, 2023

Elsa Hosk cuts a fashionable figure as she steps out on a stroll during Paris Fashion Week

Elsa Hosk models a cream-colored jacket as she heads to a fitting during Paris Fashion Week… after admitting she has been indulging in croissants

Elsa Hosk was spotted heading to a fashion fitting in Paris on Thursday afternoon.

The 34-year-old supermodel wore an eye-catching outfit as she took in the sights of the City of Lights during her outing, which took place during Paris Fashion Week.

The fashion industry figure, who recently showed off her legs while wearing a stylish leather coat, also shared various behind-the-scenes photos to her Instagram account and Story.

Hosk wore a gorgeous cream-colored button-up jacket that was paired with oversized brown pants.

The runway regular added elements of darkness to her look with leather shoes, and she carried an oversized bag.

Out and about: Elsa Hosk was spotted while taking a stroll through Paris' streets on Thursday afternoon

Out and about: Elsa Hosk was spotted while taking a stroll through Paris’ streets on Thursday afternoon

The social media personality accessorized with several articles of jewelry, as well as a pair of chic sunglasses.

Her beautiful blonde locks fell towards her shoulders and paired well with the light tone of her top.

Hosk also shared several images from her time in the City of Lights to her Instagram account and Story on Thursday and Friday morning.

The supermodel posted a duo of shots on her account that showed her getting ready to attend a show.

The fashion industry figure wore a gorgeous furry white overcoat as she posed for the snaps.

Her bright blonde hair also cascaded onto her upper chest in one of the shots and paired well with the bright tones of her clothing.

Hosk went on to share several posts to her Story, one of which showed her

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  • March 26, 2023

Why Beauty Lawsuits Are Set to Increase

Beauty companies seem to be coming under increasing fire with lawsuits, fueled in part by the rise of TikTok and other social media platforms, and legal experts are expecting the number of cases to surge.

For a quick recap of the current ones garnering the most attention: In a suit against Olaplex, several plaintiffs have claimed they have sustained personal injuries to their hair and scalp including hair loss and damaged hair, something chief executive officer JuE Wong has vehemently denied on social media. There’s also a case against L’Oréal, in which Missouri resident Jennifer Mitchell products-1235404083/” data-ylk=”slk:filed a lawsuit against the beauty giant;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “filed a lawsuit against the beauty giant and a slew of other companies, claiming that her uterine cancer was “directly and proximately” caused by her regular and prolonged exposure to phthalates and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in their hair care products. Recently, it was consolidated into a new class action multidistrict litigation (MDL).

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Then there’s the suit against Sephora where Lindsey Finster alleged that a significant percentage of products with the “Clean At Sephora” tag contain ingredients inconsistent with how consumers understand this term. In particular, it claimed that Saie Mascara 101 contains numerous synthetic ingredients, several of which have been reported to cause possible harm.

“If you Google the Olaplex case, that says it kind of started from TikTok. As an attorney, it is crazy to think that trends in litigation are going to come from social media outlets,” said Marissa Alkhazov, a shareholder in Buchalter law firm’s Seattle office and the Northwest chair of the firm’s products liability practice group. “But the fact of the matter is that information is spread so widely now, and there’s this huge audience and our society is more litigious.”

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  • March 12, 2023

Why young shoppers are going wild for low-cost fashion dupes

Welcome to the age of the dupe – the imitations, or even copies, of big-brand products, sometimes coming dangerously close to counterfeiting.

It’s a trend that’s growing on social media, to the extent that people are now proudly unearthing these low-cost versions of bags, clothes, shoes and beauty products, drawing their inspiration from the runways.

Not everyone can afford to invest in a Prada bag – far from it – so the average person sometimes turns to similar pieces, similar in style anyway, sold at low-cost prices.

The concept is certainly not new, with imitations being made for several decades, if not more. But it has perhaps never before been a subject of such pride.

The boundary between imitations and counterfeits is sometimes a little blurry, but what’s today known as dupes are everywhere on social networks, much to the delight of users who are only too happy to find low-cost substitutes of products from major luxury brands.

And dupes are to be found in all sectors, from cosmetics to food, but especially in fashion, where these imitations now seem to be everywhere.

Welcome to the age of the dupe.

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Nearly three billion views

From sneakers, handbags, clothes, perfumes and underwear, to day creams and even to packets of chips, these days, all products seem to have their dupe(s) on social networks.

Just look at the countless videos with the #dupe hashtag, which has no less than 2.8 billion views on TikTok. And that’s without counting its variants: #makeupdupe, #perfumedupe, #skincaredupe, #leggingsdupe, #fashiondupe, #zaradupe, and #fentydupe, each of which has several million views, and offers access to even more precise results.

There’s even a #dupechallenge hashtag, with nearly 60 million views, which involves going to stores, most

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  • March 7, 2023

Halfway House entrepreneur stays ahead of the competitors with her beauty salon business Yandys Looks

Local opulent beauty salon Yandys Looks was designed as a brand with a powerful global appeal that would influence the entire continent positively.

Cosmetics and beauty graduate businesswoman, Yandiswa Tshobeni founded her beauty salon in 2019 operating as a mobile spa which subsequently transformed into a walk-in lifestyle experience for the rich and famous in and around Midrand.

The 28-year-old Halfway House resident’s mission is to provide skin, nails, and hair services and products through a commitment to research, and a digitally innovative shared value strategy.
Her decision to launch her salon was motivated by the number of messages she had received on her social media asking her where she went for her make-up, hair, nails, and clothing.

“Every time I would post pictures of myself, I would receive such questions and I was convinced that people actually love my looks hence the name Yandys Looks.

“That motivated me to start my beauty business and also the fact that I feel confident when I am helping others be the best that they can be, and also helping to raise their confidence and self-esteem.”

Tshobeni encouraged the youth to always believe in themselves because if they didn’t, others would always discourage them. “Discouragement will make you have doubts and you will leave everything as it is. You will never know if it was gonna work out or not.”

The entrepreneur also advised people who wanted to start a business to do research and find other people in the same industry as well as mentors who could guide them during challenging times.

Tshobeni came from humble beginnings, being raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. “My mom was a very strict parent but it was all worth it because I grew to be a very strong, independent, and

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  • October 3, 2022