The Body Shop Canada continues to expand new concept stores nationally

  • September 24, 2022

The beauty retailer celebrates its activist roots with new sustainably-designed “Workshop” concept stores that will inspire and equip customers to become changemakers.

TORONTO, Aug. 15, 2022 /CNW/ – There are countless places to buy beauty products, but how many encourage customers to show up and be a part of social change? The Body Shop is creating a local destination for changemakers with new Workshop stores that call back to the retailer’s activist roots. At four new locations across Canada, customers can moisturize their hands, learn about sustainability and take action—whether that be signing a petition or engaging with the store’s local community efforts—all at the same time.

The Body Shop, Oshawa Centre (CNW Group/The Body Shop)

The Body Shop, Oshawa Centre (CNW Group/The Body Shop)

This expansion of concept stores to Oshawa Centre – Oshawa (August 12), Market Mall – Calgary (August 26), Metropolis at Metrotown – Burnaby (November 11) and West Edmonton Mall – Edmonton (November 18) follows the brand’s initial Workshop concept launch in Vancouver in 2020. The retailer aims to create an environment that goes beyond that of a traditional store and allows visitors to be immersed in the rich stories of the people and hard-working ingredients behind its products. The Oshawa Centre opening coincides with the recent relaunch of The Body Shop’s best selling Vitamin C skincare range. The new and improved line features concentrations of up to 10% and is made with at least 90% ingredients of natural origin including Amazonian camu camu berry extract and bakuchiol.

Across the world, The Body Shop’s Workshop stores are designed to reflect the local communities they serve and bring to life issues and stories that are important to them. In Oshawa, The Body Shop partnered with Chrrie, a young local multimedia artist and environmental activist, to create a window mural inspired by the brand’s ‘Be Seen. Be Heard.’ activism campaign, which highlights the involvement of youth in public life from voting to taking up leadership positions in the community.

“To a lot of people, the concept of ‘changing the world’ can sound a bit abstract. With our workshop stores, we want to bring people together to realize that they can be changemakers and are capable of making small changes that could benefit our communities and the planet. From our refill stations to our new Wellness body care range, customers will get to shop the products that make them feel good, while also doing good. These stores are the ultimate changemaking beauty experience,” said Hilary Lloyd, VP of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility for The Body Shop North America. “Our stores and products have always been, and always will be, a way to connect people to environmental and social justice issues.”


Recyclable materials, 100% recycled countertops created from recycled plastic destined for landfill: circularity is the beating heart of this store concept. The stores are fitted with a range of upcycled and reclaimed materials such as reclaimed wood and part-recycled plastic storage crates. Even down to the lightweight aluminum facade, every care has been taken to ensure the environmental footprint of every Workshop is as tiny as possible.

Stride over to the central sink area where you will be able to smell, lather and caress The Body Shop’s best-loved products. There is also an all new makeup stand complete with a mirror to experiment with the looks that make you feel most powerful.

The gifting station is the place to unleash your creativity. Personalize gifts with ribbons and recyclable* paper and treat your loved ones to something special. Or if you’re having a self-love kind of day, help yourself to free stickers to personalize your very own refill bottle.

The store aims to be a pillar of the local community and a place for everyone to talk. The dedicated ACT area will give customers the chance to learn about the issues that affect their communities, see for themselves how rewarding social and environmental change can be and meet others who feel the same way.


Change begins with small acts of love for the planet. This is not a gimmick. The honest truth is that transforming the way people buy beauty products is impossible without the support of the global community. At refill stations, The Body Shop is encouraging people to hold on to their aluminum bottles and see that the power to make a positive change is, literally, in their hands.

Take any 300ml aluminum bottle and fill it up with any of 12** of the brand’s best-loved shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and hand washes. And, when you run out of lather, bring back the clean bottle.


The Body Shop has always known that everyone in its collective has the power to unleash their activist potential and it is your voices that drive change. Everyone who works for The Body Shop cares about social and environmental justice. It’s part of the job.

The Body Shop store staff have many talents. One minute they can offer personalized skincare consultations and the next they’ll be community leaders, helping you get stuck in with recent campaigns on environmental and social justice.

* Where local facilities allow

** Availability varies by markets/stores


Founded in 1976 in Brighton, England, by Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop is a global beauty brand and a certified B Corp. The Body Shop seeks to make a positive difference in the world by offering high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, body care, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably. Having pioneered the philosophy that business can be a force for good, this ethos is still the brand’s driving force. The Body Shop operates about 3,000 retail locations in more than 70 countries. Along with Aesop, Avon and Natura, The Body Shop is part of Natura &Co, a global, multi-channel and multi-brand cosmetics group that is committed to generating positive economic, social and environmental impact. The four companies that form the group are committed to generating positive economic, social and environmental impact.

B Corp: In 2019, The Body Shop was B Corp certified joining a select group of companies united in their mission to drive change in society through ethical and sustainable business. In partnership with fellow B Corps, The Body Shop is committed to doing business in a way that does good for both people and the planet. B Corp certification is awarded to businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

The Body Shop, Oshawa Centre (CNW Group/The Body Shop)

The Body Shop, Oshawa Centre (CNW Group/The Body Shop)

The Body Shop Logo (CNW Group/The Body Shop)

The Body Shop Logo (CNW Group/The Body Shop)

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