The most dramatic moments from the 20th season of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ so far

  • August 25, 2022
A bride stands in a bridal salon with Randy Fenoli, her mom, and sister.

Sometimes the arguments begin before the appointment starts.TLC

  • The 20th season of “Say Yes to the Dress” is airing on TLC.

  • Insider rounded up some of the most dramatic moments of the season so far.

  • Most of the conflicts involved brides’ family members.

In the season premiere, a bride’s consultant couldn’t pick out dresses for her because of her mom and sister.

A woman looks annoyed in a crown while her sister holds a wedding dress.

The bride’s family was opinionated.TLC

Kerry Burke came to Kleinfeld Bridal looking for a dress that would make her look like a “snack,” as she said on the show.

She had an idea of the style of dress she wanted and tried to communicate that to her consultant, Zoey, but it didn’t matter because her mom and sister picked a myriad of dresses for her to try on that didn’t fit with her vision — or her budget.

After trying on multiple family-chosen dresses, Burke told her family she didn’t like their style, and they stopped suggesting gowns.

Zoey was then able to select some dresses for Burke, and she found her dream dress.

Randy Fenoli previously told Insider that an fenoli-can-tell-if-brides-entourage-will-be-unsupportive-2022-8″ data-ylk=”slk:entourage can make or break an appointment” class=”link “>entourage can make or break an appointment.

A bride’s uncle almost convinced her consultant to pick a ball gown for her over a fit-and-flare in episode two.

A man and woman look excited with an inset of a sad bride.

She ended up compromising.TLC

Bride Kayla Forman came to Kleinfeld in search of a fit-and-flare gown, bringing her opinionated uncle, Steven Jafano, and mother, Kimberly Forman, with her.

Despite her wish for a fit-and-flare, Kayla’s family imagined her in a ball gown, particularly because she was arriving at the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage.

And her uncle and mom became so convincing that her consultant, Lisa, ended up thinking a ball gown was right for Kayla during the appointment even though that wasn’t what Kayla wanted.

As she was pulling dresses for Kayla, Lisa told producers in an on-camera interview that Steven’s arguments were influencing her.

When a producer asked if she was being impacted by her uncle and mom, Lisa confessed she was.

“I think because she’s going to be in a horse and carriage,” she said. “She wants to be a princess.”

Kayla went on to vent her frustration that her wish for a fit-and-flare wasn’t being listened to.

“I don’t feel like I’m being heard at all,” she told producers.

Ultimately, Kayla and her family compromised by buying two dresses: she wore a ball gown to the ceremony and a fit-and-flare to the reception.

In episode three, a bride’s father told Randy Fenoli he didn’t like one of his dresses.

A photo of Randy Fenoli in a dressing room at Kleinfeld Bridal.

Randy Fenoli designs dresses.TLC

In episode three, bride Jillian tried on a Randy Fenoli Bridal dress during her appointment as Fenoli served as her consultant. The trumpet gown had a tulle, mermaid-style skirt.

She liked the gown, but when she modeled it for her family, Jillian’s father wasn’t a fan.

“I apologize,” he told Fenoli as they looked at the dress, pointing at its tulle skirt. “I’m not a fan of the netting thing on the bottom.”

“I didn’t like the dress,” he added in an interview with the camera later.

“I am shocked,” the bride told the cameras an in interview about her father’s reaction.

But to Jillian and her family’s relief, Fenoli actually agreed with Jillian’s dad about the dress.

“When you’re more petite, sometimes it can cut you off a little bit,” he said of the skirt.

One of the hardest parts of Fenoli’s job is brides pick dresses that he doesn’t think look best on them” class=”link “>letting brides pick dresses that he doesn’t think look best on them, as he told Insider.

Fenoli said he often sees brides pick gowns that highlight the “worst part of her body” or a gown that “does nothing for her.”

“It is really tough, but if the bride’s happy and she feels beautiful, that is what’s most important,” he said.

In episode four, a bride and her entourage fought before she even started trying on dresses.

A bride stands in a bridal salon with Randy Fenoli, her mom, and sister.

Sometimes the arguments begin before the appointment starts.TLC

Bodybuilder bride Liana came to Kleinfeld Bridal to find a dress with just four months until her wedding. She had already been to four other bridal appointments where Liana had tried on hundreds of dresses.

The time crunch was stressful in and of itself because it takes six months to a year to make a wedding dress, but Liana was even more anxious because of her opinionated mother and sister. They fought at the beginning of their appointment, with Randy Fenoli and consultant Lisa interrupting the argument.

“I see drama already happening,” Fenoli said to greet them.

“They’re overwhelming me,” Liana replied as she hugged Fenoli.

“You need to help us. I can’t do this no more,” Liana’s mom told Fenoli.

Fenoli and Lisa helped Liana feel confident in a dress, even though her mom didn’t like it initially.

In episode five, a bride’s family’s dislike of a dress she tried on “killed” her dreams.

say yes to the dress

Brides’ families often imagine her in different kinds of gowns than she does.Anne-Marie Jackson/Toronto Star via Getty Images

In episode four, bride Monique Johnson was shocked when her daughter, Dae’asia Johnson, and cousin, Shana Johnson, didn’t like a Tony Ward ball gown covered in reflective beading that she loved.

“We can’t let you walk out of here like that,” Dae’asia told her mother of the dress.

“It’s giving very much princess quinceañera and not the royal wedding,” Dae’asia said to producers in an on-camera interview.

“That just killed my little dreams,” Monique said, looking visibly surprised by their reaction.

Dae’asia and Shana’s dislike of the gown changed Monique’s feelings towards it, and she ended up choosing a different dress.

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